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28 Year Old CEO Of Bitcoin Exchange Dead After Possible Suicide


(Benjamin Jones)  According to Tech in Asia, Singapore-based Bitcoin exchange platform First Meta’s 28 year old CEO Autumn Radtke committed suicide. Reasons are currently unknown.

[UPDATE: Tech in Asia has updated the article to emphasize that suicide is only suggested and not certain]

First Meta is a Singaporean start up company that runs a exchange platform for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The news of suicide of its CEO Autumn Radtke spread on Facebook and Twitter, drawing attention from the BItcoin industry.

The exact reason that may have led to the suicide is not known, and whether the Police have concluded that the cause of death is suicide is also unofficial. First Meta has stated that an official announcement will be given by the company soon.

Before joining First Meta, Radtke was the Director of Business Development at Xfire – a company that develops IM systems for gamers. Radtke was also the Co-founder, Business Development at Geodelic Systems, Inc.

The Bitcoin market is fairly unstable right now, facing wave after wave of turmoils. On Tuesday one of the biggest Bitcoin exchange centre Mt. Gox suddenly ceased its operations, its company CEO stating that the industry is at its ‘turning-point’, bringing Bitcoin investors great concern over the unregulated virtual currency.

  • Bad Santa

    Like all zombies today, all she wanted was easy money and has sold her soul for it. Now she paid the ultimate price for it. We can now of course argue was it a suicide, or ‘assisted’ suicide – a favorite dish serverd cold by Mossad, CIA and BND, but at the end of the day, who cares, really? The bottom line is, I harbor absolutely no compassion for brainless zombies like her who only want easy money and also for all the other zombies who sold their soul and work for mentioned agencies.

    • Matt Roach

      What “easy money” was she trying to get? Your feared agencies work for central banking. Bitcoin is a tool that will eventually demolish central banking, and end this governmental debt-slavery we’re all yoked by. That’s why she was killed. There’s no excuse for murder, ever.

      • Bad Santa

        The point of my comment was not to excuse a murder, but to underline the fact that a 28 year old woman choose money instead of having a family. And if you still believe Rotschild invention ‘bitcoin’ is there to demolish central banking, then I guess you still need a lot to learn. It’s a scam, planned as such by the overlords from the very start.


        • lionswimmer

          “…chose money instead of having a family”?
          Are you kidding me? Are these choices mutually exclusive, and monolithic? This polemic seems irrational and limited, to say the least. It also smacks of 1950s rhetoric. Next, we’ll hear you recommending women be clubbed and dragged into caves.

          • Bad Santa

            Put a sock in it, sonny. You ain’t got neither money, nor family and talk about things your fruit fly brain can not comprehend. Bad combination.

          • lionswimmer

            Hahahaa! How, on Earth, would you know my status about either? Perhaps the onus is on you to communicate in ways that people can comprehend.

          • Bad Santa

            It’s not the rest of the people who do not comprehend me, it’s the retards like you. Seek some professional help.

    • Only thru violence=Freedom

      But brain dead zombies like you are ok with george soros making easy money off of you. Hypocrite.

      • Bad Santa

        I see you are here for some drive-by insults. I never said I’m ok with satanist Soros making money off of me, but unlike some people here, I did not sell my soul for a handful of mickey mouse money.

    • Adam Evenson

      Hey, Bad Santa, you’re Good! You are so right! It certainly is a selling of one’s own soul to the Devil; thus, how could we feel compassion? Yet, I do. My compassion seems to have no bounds. Poor me, I’m Pisces, with what, Jupiter in the dock for a long time? But I’m luvin’ it ALL, having a ball and a free-for-all (well, almost all). Is this Chaos? If it is, then why are my thoughts not dipped in it as I write? A human life is like unto a fountain pen, dipped in a pool of ink, for which to scatter said ink across the page in squiggles. It’s what humankind is, a lot of squiggles of tri-dimensional ink scattered across a tri-dimensional printed page. Nothing like three dimensions to soak a lot of stuff up. So, what sayeth the words that constitute the reader, ‘o human being that thou art? Ha, ha, ha.

      • Floffy Butts

        …Are you high?

        • Adam Evenson

          As a kite. I stay that way on the grandest high that ever existed. It’s called, “Life.” Partake and see. But don’t just assume you are partaking of Life only because you are sucking air into lungs, scurrying around like a rat, and jamming against other people while imagining that you/they like it. That’s not even close to Life. Life is way, way beyond that rudimentary juncture, which is called, “Living death.” Ha, ha, ha. Here’s something that will get you high: fifty years of practicing Hatha Yoga. Dost thou have enough time left to do it?

    • Linards Berzins

      bloody hell, you’re full of shit. go to your mamas basement and read more illuminati, you prick

      • Bad Santa

        Your barking doesn’t impress me at all, you retarded troll. From what I can see, you are already a good obeying dog for the elite, and as such you shall spend your life on a chain.

        • Linards Berzins

          You’re unbelievable, how can you possibly know that Autumn wanted just easy money, did you know her for years? Your argument has no value and is absolutely ignorant, like all trolls, who talk rubbish about people who passed away. So please grow some morale and then post comments which are constructive. Oh whait, you mention zombies quite a lot, so there is no real chance you will come out of your mamas basement and be a healthy part of the society, because you thrive on trolling and negativity. So many happy days for YOU ahead.

          • Bad Santa

            bark bark doggie, heel, good boy!

  • Christopher Calumny

    What happened to the dog?

    • abinico

      Dog was just a sympathy prop. Sent back to shelter after the photo session.

  • Truman Golden

    Murdered by mossad to steal her business.

    • Curtis Reed

      ah yeah, it’s always the Jews. It’s amazing that there aren’t any evil people in the whole world, except Jews. They are really busy, you know, dominating the world, manufacturing lies about the Holocaust, controlling every bank and government. I just don’t understand how they haven’t taken over Santa’s workshop to provide toys to Jewish children…maybe that’s in the works.

      • Truman Golden

        You are either a Jew or a moron, you can be both of course.
        Yup they are busy dominating the world (through their gentile serfs, and you could be one) spreadin lies about the holo…, and yes they control banks and feds, they are also murdering little children, producing kiddie porn and drumming up wars… did I leave anything?
        They left Santa to dumb goys but the toys ain’t free.

    • Rebecca Lane

      OMG. Flagging now. Racism is over, dude.

  • MarkinScottsdale

    This was a brilliant young woman, and any allegations of chasing easy money are just sour grapes on the part of others. I’ve got an IQ of over 140 and I sure as hell didn’t come up with BitCoin or anything remotely like it! This young woman was probably the victim of foul play set up to look like a suicide and that is tragic. It is not merely the tragic loss to her and her friends/family, but also the loss to the world of someone so young and so brilliant dying so very young. Who knows what she could have offered the world had she enjoyed another 50 years or so of life? The “blame Mossad” or “blame the Jews” comments below are so transparently anti-Semitic as to be nothing more than the usual verbal vomitus and sick hatred served up by some jealous would-be Nazi types, no doubt. Hopefully they’ll crawl back under the rock they crawled out of to post such a thing.

    • Only thru violence=Freedom

      All the hillbillies living in scottsdale have no clue, so no surprise you roll out the old “don’t blame the jews” ignorance marky poo. Get a brain some day. First you say she didn’t commit suicide and then you want everyone to overlook the jewish mossad. Facts are facts, whether you like them or not, the mossad excels in sneaky underhanded murders, especially when big money is involved. Stop hiding behind ignorance and get a brain someday.

      • dragon5126

        talk about MORONS… you try to place blame when there isnt even any reason to place blame YET

    • stonehillady

      As we have pictures of known Mossad operatives on top of buildings in Keiv shooting demonstrators and blaming it on the duly elected ex President of Ukraine, you mean those Jews. ?

    • NoChip4Me

      Very insightful and humanitarian comment.

    • Truman Golden

      Typical hasbara Zionist Jew comment. sorry for not taking you too seriously, the world is waking up to your BS.
      Your unlettered and rather boring assessment could have worked in 1980’s on dumb goys. it’s doesn’t carry much weight anymore. you probably still have some currency with the trailer park double wide trash who still swallow your bunkum but even them are starting to suffer from your evil and are opening their eyes.

    • Curtis Reed

      IQ of 140…is that on the metric scale? So let’s see, to convert you divide 140/1.6 and get 87.5…yeah that looks about right.

      I’m only kidding. Most of what you said is OK, and I agree about the antisemitic crap on this page…I just think it is kinda douchey when I hear someone actually POST their “IQ”.

      • Truman Golden

        Factor in the inbreeding and you get even a lower number. you don’t believe me, hop on to the shtetl.

      • bugler1

        There is no such thing as antisemitism referring to the jews as jews are not semites. Almost all semites are arabs.
        So in reality antisemite means anti-arab so jews are the worst antisemites.

        • http://islamisdying.com/ kaina pittbull

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          • Ryan Parry

            are you one of the paid trolls that the israeli government pays to post on social media? lol….most israeli jews are arabs lol

          • pacman925

            Need to Know the TRUTH…….


          • dragon5126

            Are you stupid or brain damaged? An Arab is of Arabian blood aka Palestinian, A Jew is of Jewish blood…. Where do these morons come from????

          • Ad Elaina

            Arabs are anyone who speaks arabic. Inhabitants of Palestine, syria, Lebanon, jordan are arabs because they got ARABIZED and ethnically are not arabs. The confusion comes from the concept that arabs are anyone who speaks arabic. real arabians from arabia are extremely distinguishable from the populations I mentioned above.SO get the fuck out of palestine you thieves murderous bastards and go back where you came from you scum of europe.

          • Walter

            You are an idiot.

          • meatwad_SSuppet

            Most jews are East Europe converts, so why are they in Africa?

          • SGillhoolley

            There are two types of Jews, Ashkanazi (from Europe) and Sephardim (from North Africa).

          • meatwad_SSuppet

            I should have clarified and specified them as israeli jews. Most of them are converts to the religion of criminals. Their talmud spells it all out.

          • dragon5126

            WRONG there Skippy You NeoNazi’s are total morons

        • SGillhoolley

          Your knowledge of these matters would satisfy the mediocre expectations of the uninformed.

        • dragon5126

          wrong Bugler you had better do some REAL research on that

      • https://www.facebook.com/RfidIsTheMarkOfTheBeast Patrick Collins

        Whats an IQ ??? LOL !

        • dragon5126

          in his instance it the inverse of the standard definition which is Intelligence quotient so that means Ignorance Quorum

          • philstrawman

            Wrong. It’s called condom quorum: If the stray dog which is your daddy paid an extra nickel for a better condom your mother don’t have the shame of carrying you 9 months.
            Your score of 169 is toilet paper level…..oops I heard the Taliban wipe their ass with their hands, I guess they wipe their hands on your mouth.

      • philstrawman

        IQ of 140 is not so impressive. I took the test twice and get two different scores: 124 and 105.
        I did some quick calculations and my average is 147.

        • disqus_3lCTXTfunW

          actually that puts one in the top 1% of adults

          • Mike

            Yeah, but just by reading the guy’s gibberish, it is clear that his i.q. is nowhere near that high. Probably somewhere between 100-110. What did you take, the facebook i.q. test? LOL.

          • philstrawman

            Let me help you finishing what you were saying:
            actually that puts one in the top 1% of adults WHO ARE STUPID LIKE YOU.

          • dragon5126

            not really, it puts it in the median of college educated adults not the top 1%, far from it Einstein had an estimated IQ of 180, the last time I tested I scored 169… anything under 150 is not that impressive.

        • dragon5126

          you seem to be math challenged the average of 105 and 124 is 114.5… idiot

          • philstrawman
        • Dustin Braley

          Actually, I thought your quick calculations was sorta clever and funny.

          • philstrawman

            You speak my language.

      • Brooke Boyce

        Meet the ‘Real Men of Genius’,lol. It’s just a shame that when your local cognitive psychologist is suckering you out of money for ‘intelligence’ testing, they don’t explain that it is no guarantee of success and won’t prevent you from having to resort to tooting your own horn while fighting with strangers on the internet about what a real genius you are. Lmao

    • Brendqa Vanbuskirk

      something is amiss.. was not for or against bitcom.. but i see a pattern emerging anyone with a high iq is being eliminated or told the young ones have autism.. this is scary stuff…i dont belive,,,
      that many with high iqs are committing suicide due to they are aware of many options to fulfill a goal.. so not much need to commit suicide.. no i am troubled by these all dying or fleeing the country.

    • Its_Not_A_Tax_LOL

      Markin- You know that she didn’t invent Bitcoin right? She had an exchange that dealt partly with Bitcoin.

    • pacman925

      Who killed Jesus Christ ? Who owns our federal reserve ? Who owns all all our banks, tv, media, news, college’s, 90% of our congress, our federal reserve, rothschild bought israel…all of these things are anti-semitic ? These things are FACTS ! Call me a racist ? Because I am A Christian & I Love American ?? Call me a racist no problem, but WHEN WILL YOU GUY’S WILL WAKE UP ??? When I see a criminal…..they need to be arrested ! Read this…..we have been fed propaganda for decades ! Need to Know the TRUTH…….

      • dragon5126

        Jackass by your logic Christ committed Suicide, He was a Jew…

    • SGillhoolley

      She did not come up with Bitcoin either, and to her credit. The idea of Bitcoin is flawed from the very start, and the flaws are only compounded from there.

    • Tiago Seiler

      “I’ve got an IQ of over 140″. WHO THE FUCK CARES? You’re a tosser.

    • Jonathan Alphonzo

      If the Nazis were wrong to criticize the mass immigration of big, established networks (Jews, mainly), criticising the existence of secret networks (Freemasons, etc.) within their communities, and rebelling against the superevil Brittish, American and Soviet empires and Jewish banking cartels, then I must be wrong too. But I’m not. It makes a lot of sense, you’re just too much of a pussy to be politically incorrect, Mr 140 IQ.

      Okay, so maybe killing all those innocent Jews wasn’t a great idea, but it was a military tactical decision made under intense pressure and desperation. And the Americans, Brits, Russians, Freemasons, and Jewish bankers allowed them to die just to keep the Germanic people in chains and in debt.

      Learning history, you’ll find that most Nazi criticism you hear is extremely biased (and not to mention, ridiculously redundant).

  • Georg Dirr

    Yeah she was hurting the joo owned printing presses. Had to go.
    True worlds satanic mafia wins again

    • kb6kgx



    • http://islamisdying.com/ kaina pittbull

      islam is satanic , that’s why they walk around naked around a big black turd in mecca

  • TheeLynnChase

    This is so sad. I highly suspect “suicide”.

  • oldranger68

    Committed “Arkancide”. I never knew that suicide was a communicable disease, but it appears that bankers and others the government can’t control or who know too much are susceptible.

    • Truman Golden

      It’s called the Ashkenazi virus.

      • oldranger68

        I believe you’ve nailed it dead (pun intended) center!

    • Brendqa Vanbuskirk

      not good

  • Jason Vega

    another victim of Zionist power.

    From the Talmud:
    5) When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no
    death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may
    keep. –Sanhedrin 57a
    6) Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God
    has “exposed their money to Israel”. –Baba Kamma 37b

    • Truman Golden

      Of course, those heebs will call you names to shame you for exposing them.
      now go shed a tear watching shindler list while sucking on a soda manufactured by dead children in the west bank.

    • dragon5126

      Actually when the talmud was written there were no Gentiles so this is debunked as pure bullcrap and antisemite lies.

      • Alexis

        So what is the true definition of heathen? Whatever the meaning it sounds like eugenics to me.

        • meatwad_SSuppet

          What’s in a name. Heathen, Palestinian, Iranian, European, American, cattle, monkey, gentile.

      • Truman Golden

        Hasbara Jew alert.
        We’re not biting. I grew up with a Jewish grandmother so I know the meaning of those terms…..

  • http://bigdanblogger.blogspot.com/ Big Dan

    I don’t believe any “suicides” reported in the “news” anymore.

    • davidnrobyn

      Yes, “suicide” has become a verb, as in, “he was suicided”.

      • Christopher Bowen

        Yes, but In this case it would be she. . . .(SHE was suicided)

        • Marcus2012

          No one cares,

          • urantia wins

            speak for yourself!! MANY CARE…JUST NOT YOU!

          • penispenispenispenispenis

            You mean “No one ‘cares’.”

    • Alan Zukor

      Well fuck you then.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Sounds a little too personal.

        • JoeyJoe

          Maybe he was the one who’s suiciding people?

          • meatwad_SSuppet

            I think you are onto something. Why do those detractors arrive to articles they seem to have no interest in.

    • wadea

      It depends on the significance of the suicide. They don’t report average joe/jane juming off a bridge because it causes copy-cat suicide but they do report on people who are significant to the news.

  • rediron1

    These murderers arn’t true Jews they are Kenites(hebrew word for the offspring children of Cain) migrating close to Jerusalem then mixing into the House of Judah doing the work for the Livi Preists chopping wood n hauling water n were taken with the House of Judah into captivity in Babylon n when freed some 60 years later you can read in 1Chron 2:53,54 these same Kenites were the scribes that were keeping the books n writing the laws for the House of Judah. Why Jesus would say concerning the 2 out of 7 churches that He approved of Smyrna n Philadelphia Rev.2:9 n 3:9 for they taught the Kenites which say they are Jews, n are not, but are the synagogue of satan. Its all written tho very few churches teach chapter by chapter verse by verse as ShepherdsChapel does where you come to Wisdom understanding Fathers Word not the traditions of man.

  • Bill Kratzer

    a lack of actual factual information is problematical.is there a body? did she just decide to disappear ? did the money laundering aspect get a little too real for the young turks, who can’t protect themselves from the money launderers ? or the usual, too many bankers knew too much about where the money went and are being systematically silenced? and last but not least, what exactly was the means of demise? slit her own throat, garrotte, subsonic round behind her ear? or perhaps gasoline fire in her car?

  • abinico

    Bitcoin is a fake, a fraud, and a scam. Want to play with coins, there are plenty with real value that you can play with. But bitcoin – huh? how stupid are people – maybe it is greed, but said it from the beginning, bitcoin is a fake, fraud, and a scam, and as the drama plays out, seems I was right from the very beginning.

    • Brian Klotsch Sr

      Wrong…Bitcoin is an attempt to get away from the US dollar because of the Federal Reserve’s printing money out of thin air you fool…and thats why she was killed!

    • Only thru violence=Freedom

      Thought you were talking about the jew dollar for a second. The jew american dollar is a fake, fraud and a scam, as all people will soon find out. There will be gnashing of teeth very soon.

      • Truman Golden

        Can you still hum ”nagila hava” while gnashing your teeth?

      • kb6kgx

        “jew dollar”?

        • Guest

          that’s what we give muslims on welfare money from hard working people to give to people who cant afford to feed their families , known as muslims

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      So is the federal reserve!!!!!!!

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      B-b-but those other coins never grow, they just sit there.

  • MickeyFreakinDougal

    Stupidest concept ever. Every bit coin investor plays Russian roulette with their real money. Morons, every one.

    • MickeyFreakinDougal

      Oops, that should read greedy, lazy morons. My bad.

      • Ralph Mazio

        If you understood the “real” money creation process and how essentially evil it is, you’d encourage competition. However you’ve been indoctrinated into a system and will actively defend it even if it means you cheer the demise of something that would actually be beneficial to you. The bad part is, even you can’t explain why. You can rest assured though that you have plenty of company.

        • MickeyFreakinDougal

          And you will be a broke, greedy, lazy moron before you know it.

          • Ralph Mazio

            You most certainly have the wrong guy, Money is not evil. Our money creation process is very evil. Go read what I posted above. Personally, I don’t think bitcoin is the greatest solution ever but it’s far better than what we currently have.

            Also, if I lost every penny I ever had, I’d tell you the same thing. My main point is one group of people should NOT be allowed to create money and enrich themselves and their friends.

          • MickeyFreakinDougal

            Whatever. You talk in circles and end up where you started. It’s all the mysterious “them” that are to blame. Bitcoin isn’t even “created.” It’s imaginary, fantasy. The dollar may not be 100% stable, but at least it’s more than the smoke and illusion that bitcoins are.

          • Ralph Mazio

            Go get an electrum client right now and I’ll send you a small amount. I’ll show you how it works. It’s very real.

            Also, 90+% of all dollars in existence are purely digital.

    • Tony

      You fear bro? Bitcoin won’t attack you lol

      • MickeyFreakinDougal

        It won’t do anything to me and my dollars, because I won’t touch it. No fear. Intelligence.

        • Tony

          I doubt you have the level of intelligence to actually understand how bitcoin works. If it was the case, you would be able to use it while dealing with the associated risks ;)

    • David Green

      I was gonna leave a long explanation about how wrong you are, but i can see your just another idiot!

      • MickeyFreakinDougal

        Go smoke another doobie, genius. It will convince you that “your” not a douche.

        • David Green

          sure is easy to be a keyboard commando, Be happy your behind keyboard, or you would be in a hospital . anytime any place!!

          • MickeyFreakinDougal

            My mistake. It would seem PCP is your drug of choice. All that noise, and over bitcoins? Seek psychiatric help, dude.

    • david bowie

      Real money? Please go somewhere and try to understand what money is.

      • MickeyFreakinDougal

        Are you defending bitcoins and trying to tell ME about reality? Haha, the irony is beautiful.

  • MohoKings

    Just like Michael Jackson’s suicide news; just like 911 news; just like Russian invasion; just like Osama’s death;just like JFK assassination; just like the need of government and money!! FAKE!!! Title it: True Lies!!

    • pacman925

      & 911 was a false flag too !!!

  • Ralph Mazio

    How money is actually created today and why it needs competition:

    The federal reserve is a group of private central banks. They essentially create money to pay for various government securities. They create this money out of thin air. Poof…here’s your money. They can also create money in other various ways by controlling the interest rates banks can borrow money at (poof…here’s your money) and the reserve to deposit ratios banks must follow (fractional reserve mojo). They are also involved in various other “quantitative easing” schemes that essentially amount to creating new money for banks including themselves. I would go further and wager that when you are the “lender of last resort” and aren’t audited, you’re likely creating money for lots of things people don’t know about and better not ask about. The rabbit hole goes much deeper when you understand the whole basis for fractional reserve banking which basically means banks only have to hold a fraction of money in “reserve” or at the actual bank based on deposits that are made. They can actually lend out more than they have when new deposits are made. Now, if you control this system or are a large bank that creates money upon new deposits, how are you going to loan that money out? I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to create policies that make it perfectly legal for me to loan large amounts of money out to friends and family. Essentially those involved in the money creation process can enrich themselves while devaluing the dollar for everyone else. Nice little scheme isn’t it? If you are a Keynesian and believe in economic stimulation and spending/borrowing your way out of recessions then that’s fine. I say we stop letting a few bankers decide who gets the new money but rather give it to all Americans equally.

  • dragon5126

    Brilliant people are all too often emotionally unstable, however this is an apparent not hidden situation, so more info is needed to make a judgement. And remember she DIDNT invent bitcoin , she developed a cross platform EXCHANGE for electronic currency…

  • dragon5126

    Ever notice that antisemites have the IQ of a dead leech?

    • kb6kgx

      You’re being disrespectful to dead leeches.

    • david bowie

      a jew comment? is this how you identify everyone that is a non jew? anti semite?

      fucking idiot. probably live in the united states, if you want a jew state, go live in it.

      • dragon5126

        keep sucking loser, Israel predates every other nation on the face of the planet but you ate too ignorant to know that, with your IQ of a dead leech

      • dragon5126

        notice you have zero followers, zero posts being followed, and zero content with any intelligent content. the two former are almost unheard of on the internet but completely explained by the latter.

    • Truman Golden

      Shtetls are replete with brain dead knuckle dragging subhumans with dead leaves IQs.

  • Tony

    What was the exchange?

  • animalaura

    Uh-huh… suicide. Right…. so I’ve still got a 22 inch waist and am still a virgin even though I was married once and have had over 170 boyfriends.

  • Usmc Girl

    She didn’t jump did she? Like the other 9 bankers….

  • Rupert Chappelle

    Ghaddafi farked with the bankers, Kennedy farked with the Bankers, Lincoln farked with the bankers, any questions?

    • Matt Sully

      None of those people were ever reported as committing suicide. Any questions?

      • TG

        Assassination was more appropriate for the times… Suicide is preferable today, it comes with less suspicion and much less blame… but the message gets to the right people without too much attention.

        Now the banking elite and their puppets assassinate working class to keep us in fear and under control.

      • Rupert Chappelle

        Big fish are assassinated, little fish are suicided.

        Don’t be so naive – it’s cute.

        • Matt Sully

          Do you have any, you know, actual evidence for your rabid conspiracy theories? And please, don’t tell me JFK was killed by a magic bullet. Thats been very thoroughly debunked, and was created by Oliver Stone and his shitty movie.

          • dragon5126

            Sully, Have you ever been to Dallas? Have you traveled the motorcade route? it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for Oswald to have fired any of the shots that hit kennedy, bullets don’t turn 90 degrees while in flight

          • Matt Sully

            Have you ever been to dallas? Have you ever been up to the spot where Oswald fired his shots from? Have you actually consulted any scientists in any related field, or did you just buy what Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura spoonfed you verbatim? Open your mind. Don’t be soo closed minded, to assume that a conspiracy theory is the only possible explanation, that is remarkably closed minded.

          • dragon5126

            Yes Mat Sully I was, And I examined the entire scene from the window in what is now a museum, to the route and I do not believe a word from either of the profit driven idiots, But when the road is perpendicular to the window and the point at which Kennedy and Governor Connally are parallel there is no way for the bullets to come from the Book Depository. And tell us why even though all involved parties had died, when the time had come to unseal the complete report of the Warren Commission, it was resealed? it is YOU that is being closed minded when all the facts point to Oswald’s innocence yet you believe the “official” report even though the findings of it are still sealed over 50 years later…

    • captain.obvious

      then what’s up with Garfield?

  • InvestmentResearchDynamics

    As Bitcoin fails, the re-integration of gold into the monetary system will accelerate


  • John Allen Shaw

    We just need to get back to basics. No more electronic Currency, no more Super Colossal Banks, no more unfettered access to the Fed Reserve. It should just be your local Savings & Loan ran by Richard, Joe, and Mary down the street with regional clearing houses. That’s fucking it. Doesn’t need to be exotic interest swaps complete with credit default options and some mortgage-backed securities on the side.

    All of this human tragedy in terms of money lost, wealth decimated, and lives extinguished is Wholly Unnecessary. There is no need to diversify an institution’s risk through the process of multi-layered cross-securitization if the Risks a local Bank are willing to take with your assets have a deeper connection than just making a profit.

    We are all complicit in the ever-increasing level of risk taking within our banking system as we all seek to out-do each other while seeking to invest in the newest investment, the coolest gizmo, the flashiest gadget. Pooling ever more scarce savings from the remaining few of us who actually have money to save, the risks to out perform each other are now measured in the potential deaths of a fellow human. This is Patently Fucking Absurd.

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      When I was a kid, my bank book turned in a 5 +1/4% interest per year. They sold the savings and loan out from under me, three times since.

  • Not a follower

    So many banker “suicides” lately.. wow

    • Clayton Bigsby

      mo money mo problems

  • bugler1

    What is the relation of the suicide with the alleged unstability of the bitcoin market?
    The disinfo media never misses an opportunity to say negative things about bitcoin.
    Why don’t you mention that in the last couple of days bitcoin is up over $200.

  • SenatorKang

    At 28, as the CEO of a fake money exchange, backed by nothing, no
    connection to any intrinsic value… she may not have pulled the
    trigger, but she certainly set herself up for it to be believable. 28,
    folks, does that give you any clue? She panicked when it all fell
    apart… afraid she would be killed, she decided to just go to sleep, as
    women do… pills, I guarantee.

  • Dan Tohatan

    It doesn’t matter. They won’t get you in the ground. And I know it’s sad that it has to be this way, but the price to pay for truth is oft great. They say there will be no martyrs. Give us more lies, just keep ‘em coming. There are more graves unmarked coming.

  • Marivel Guzman

    MT.Gox account were hacked and 500,000 worth of bitcoins were stolen leading to the bankrupt of the company. I’m seriously considering “thinking” that the Federals Reserve and paper money makers are behind the hijacking and in the US of the court cases on dock….Bitcoin could have taken the paper money out of circulation, many companies were accepting bitcoin as a currency…that was scaring the banking industry…..

  • Dwight Upton

    Initially the comments were on topic and then suddenly…SQUIRREL!

  • Christopher Bowen

    It is a wicked sordid bankster elitist paradigm. . .and you had better come into the game over-loaded with security if you want to beat them financially. . . because there is no empathy and no quarter given these days. . .

  • Walter

    Does anyone else think that all of these “suicides” in the financial and IT world are part of a much larger agenda?

  • macdaddy357

    Women usually only attempt suicide in ways that won’t work to get attention. When a women is actually dead, suspect foul play.

  • Defiant

    I know what happened…IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT! Don’t you know that Bankers, CEOs and scientists NEVER die of natural or self-inflicted causes? It’s ALWAYS government MURDER! She must have been a threat to the dollar…or to Obama…or to “the bankers” who seem to get murdered themselves…

    It’s a joke, after a while. People die. People commit suicide. It’s not always a conspiracy, folks…

    • Clayton Bigsby

      nothing is real.

  • Jon Williams

    A human being died you assholes and here’s a news flash no body cares about your paranoid delusions or how much more you think you know or what you honestly think people care about they don’t get perspective on your own life’s before you blast your nonsense all over oblivion you hipster vaginas get a lif all of you and while your at it grow a heart and if you can’t grow a heart since you gulibal saps believe everything you hear and run with it just swing bye oz and borrow the tin man’s vote right a letter join the military do something besides correct others spelling and fill our minds with paranoid crap that you wouldnt say to most people’s face in fear of being carted away in a padded van I blame the media all forms even face book included

    • MrJim911

      That might be the longest run on sentence I’ve ever read. TLDR

  • Mr J.

    Ah suicide…the coward’s way out.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      quit being an ignorant ass

      • Mr J.

        quit being a whiny bitch…

        • Lawsin

          A true coward would never be able to kill its self

  • Truman Golden

    Murdered by mossad to steal her business just like all the dead bankers you hear about, who do you think replaced them, Jews of course. Now mossad is helping Jews climb the corporate ladder very fast, just do away with the person in front of you.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    I first saw a video of her talking about virtual currency about a year ago when I started reading a little more about Bitcoin. I remember thinking she was gorgeous and inspiring. This makes me sad. :-[

  • urantia wins

    suicide my A** She was offed like all the others who have inside knowledge of corruption…..this is a travesty!!

  • Je’ Czaja

    Was this poor young lady “suicided?” Anyone who threatens banksters is a target.

  • Guest

    No worries

    The world will just blame the US

    Just like what is happening in Syria

    Just like what is happening in the Ukraine

    just to name a few


    Just blame it on the US

  • Lyin Ryin More

    no one is murdered anymore unless its done by cops while being filmed? RIP.

  • Higzy

    Mainstream media is reporting that it was a suicide, therefore, we now know 100% that it was NOT a suicide. Little boy cried wolf too many times. FAIL

  • NeoConSmasher

    The Jewish International Banking Cartel hates competition. Just ask Henry Ford, he wrote a book about it, titled

    The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem (1920)
    Volume III, Chapter

    57 Jewish Idea in American Monetary Affairs
    58 Jewish Idea Molded Federal Reserve Plan
    59 Jewish Idea of Central Bank for America
    60 How Jewish International Finance Functions
    61 Jewish Power and America’s Money Famine

  • Sweet Pete

    Turning point.. HAH! No one else foresaw inevitable hyper-inflation, preceding collapse/failure of unregulated currency, rendering the bitcoin vitually (literally) nugatory? One thing is for sure: unintentionally or otherwise, easily the most successful and legitimate tool to service money-laundering available. I’m no conspiracy theorist–but unstinting cartel involvement? suicide? Just saying..

    What really gets me is the knowledge of DEA claimed, monetarily intangible, seizures of the currency.. from the internet. Where do they keep it?

    I die a little on the inside, from laughter, at all parties involved with investment therein.

  • Mary Class-Heaton

    It has “occured” to me the question is not why are all these CEO bankers dying but WHO IS REPLACING THEM?


  • Mark Rahner

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  • talagangpinoy

    her face should be in the one bit coin icon.