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CIA To Blame For The Return Of Polio


(Mike Masnick)  Oh, vaccines. Sure, here in the US we’re dealing with the return of diseases like measles, mumps and whooping cough due to people who are very confused about how vaccines work. But the big news last week on the vaccine front has to be the return of polio, which has freaked out the World Health Organization, who declared it a public health emergency.

The return of polio is also due to an ill-informed anti-vaccine campaign — not one driven by people confused by a fraudulent study, but rather by the Taliban. Many of the new cases are in Pakistan and a variety of nearby countries. The Taliban has been arguing for a while that vaccinations and vaccination drives are really efforts by western intelligence and/or imperialism.

The problem is: the CIA basically confirmed that for them by using a fake vaccination campaignto find Osama bin Laden a few years ago. Suddenly, crazy rumors about vaccination programs simply being fronts for the US intelligence community weren’t just more reasonable, they were flat out confirmed. And, soon after that was all revealed, suddenly the rates of polio shot up? Right around the same time that polio vaccination workers started getting killed in Pakistan?

And yet… almost none of the media coverage of the WHO’s new emergency warning mentions the CIA connection. The two NY Times articles above don’t mention it at all.

We see this same sort of thing from the US intelligence community all the time. It never seems to do any sort of realistic cost-benefit analysis, assuming that it needs to “find the bad guys at all costs.” But some of those “costs” can be immense. Bringing back the threat of polio around the globe is a massive cost. Yes, bin Laden was a very bad person, but was it worth bringing back a polio epidemic?

  • William Rothschild

    I find it interesting when you said that the World Health Organization was freaked out. This is just a BS cover from an agency that was instrumental in developing and disseminating the HIV virus! Don’t believe me, just look it up yourself, truth is always stranger than fiction.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      This story is particularly well known in the Muslim world and plays a role in Pakistani’s mistrust also.

      • William Rothschild

        It’s always good to converse with someone else who doesn’t play into the MSM and knows the truth when they see it.

  • ukberserker23

    Here’s a better story. A couple of years ago, a new post commander took over Ft. Meade in Maryland. The first thing he did was pull an audit on the Biowarfare labs there, and found out that thousands of vials of deadly viruses were missing. These included Legionaire’s disease, and Bubonic Plague. These diseases have been popping up in strange places since then.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    The problem with this analysis is in the fact that despite the propaganda they were selling the numpties and nimbies who make up the corpse media slurping public, the CIA knew as did half the world including most Pakistanis that Osama Bin Laden had been dead since early 2002. This wasn’t a secret although it was not mentioned in the MSM very often and it didn’t help that several versions of his death and the dates were circulating. Benazir Bhutto mentioned one version just before her murder for example. Slight variations but the basic details were near enough and the string of fake videos of OBL lookalikes brought out by the CIA thereafter also showed they knew he was dead. Otherwise you’re hardly going to get away with fake vids, even in the incurious MSM. So I am not sure just what they were up to with their vaccination scam but it can’t have been looking for OBL. The witnesses in Pakistan also leave no doubt the story we’ve been told is a complete crock.

    I agree with the basic premise of the article however that this has fed the fear in Pakistani society of such vaccinations. There was however already a good deal of mistrust. Pakistan is India’s neighbour and knows full well the stories of forced sterilisation of Indian males which went on and other rumours fly around about vaccination programs, some of which have been used to commit some pretty grim crimes against humanity on smaller and larger scales not only in Africa but even in mainstream USA at least in the past and who knows what they’d do now, but human rights is not a strong suit of the US led west just now so I’d put nothing past them myself. By the way I spend six weeks of the year of most years in Pakistan and have a Pakistani wife so am not just some armchair expert.

  • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

    There was a time, years ago, when vaccines were meant to help the patient. We are past that time. Vaccines, today, are meant to help Big Pharma and Bill Gates’ depopulation agenda. Stranger than fiction.

  • RickCarufel

    Some people can’t see injecting mercury and a genetic soup with material from sheep, cows, monkeys and chickens into their body or their children regardless of the effect of the vaccine. Vaccines have also become the weapon of choice for
    de-population by the NWO. The CIA is an international terrorist organization by any definition.

  • Tony Thomas

    Sure, Vaccines (especially the new ones containing aluminum nano-particles) are bad. Government induced outbreaks are bad.. Unfortunately throughout history, they are not only the norm, but a huge distraction.. Don’t be fooled by media steering, especially when it comes from a source that boasts itself as Newsworthy. The only thing that I gleaned from this article is that they want you to believe that Osama Bin Laden was “BAD”. Which if you aren’t paying attention could plant a seed of doubt. They will try every tactic they’ve got to try and blame 9/11 on him even while our government is holding the smoking gun!

    Note, the CIA is totally fine with being seen as the bad guy. They’ve been caught with their pants down doing some pretty despicable things “literally”, but only seem to get a kick out of how blatantly malicious they can be.

    No, this was a bait and switch article from the start.