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Man Cooked To Death In Scalding Shower As Punishment By Prison Guards


(Police State Usa) A torturous “punishment” session turned fatal for a mentally-ill prisoner, when prison guards forced him to stand in a tiny shower stall while being blasted by scalding hot water until his skin began to shrivel away from his body and he died.  Fellow inmates say he begged for his life before collapsing in the shower.

Darren Rainey, 50, died while incarcerated a the Dade Correctional Institution.  He was serving a 2-year sentence for a victimless crime; possession of cocaine.  At the time of his death, he had only one month to go before his release.

Rainey, who suffered from mental illness, was accused of defecating in his cell without cleaning it up.   The Florida’s Department of Corrections often comes up with cruel and imaginative punishments for prisoners — allegedly ranging from starvation diets to forcing prisoners to fight so the guards could place bets.

Rainey’s punishment was to stand confined in a narrow chamber, being blasted with hot water and steam, and left to suffer there for over one hour.

“I can’t take it no more, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,’’ Rainey screamed over and over, the Miami Herald discovered from a fellow inmate’s grievance complaint.

The Miami Herald reports that it was DOC Officer Roland Clarke who was on video placing Rainey in the shower at 7:38 p.m on June 23, 2012.  He was found dead at 9:30 p.m.

When Rainey’s body was found, his skin was cooked to the point where it was coming loose from his body, a condition known as slippage.

The facility then did its best to cover up the death.  Sources say that it was alleged that Rainey had a heart attack, yet DOC refused to perform an autopsy. The official cause of death has never been announced.

Conveniently, the camera outside the shower “malfunctioned” right after Rainey was forced in.

The Rainey investigation has remained open since 2012, with no explanation about why it has taken so long.  No one has been charged with the death of Darren Rainey.

“Two years is a very long time to wait to find out why your brother was found dead in a shower,” said Rainey’s brother, Andre Chapman.

When a fellow inmate tried to provide information to police and the media about the Rainey case, he was threatened with punishments of his own.  Numerous other inmate complaints paint a disturbing picture of what justice looks like in Florida’s prisons.

Justice seems to be a fleeting concept in a society where people are imprisoned for non-violent, victimless offenses, and housed by sadistic torturers who themselves belong in a cage.

  • Rogoraeck


    • wiseoldsnail

      we’re #1 … at caging our own people

  • chillywilly

    The asshole guards don’t belong in a cage–they belong in a grave.

    • paul tarsuss

      May Yahweh Curse those involved with the same fate.

    • Robert Graf

      I think an inescapable prison where they are given the seeds to sow to grow their own food and a sleeping bag for if it gets too cold. They can then fnd for themselves in the world they created. With nothing but mrderers around, they wouldn’t be able to blink, let alone sleep.

  • Afshin Nejat

    What was he convicted of? That sort of matters as well.

    • Ed Nolan

      Darren Rainey, 50, died while incarcerated a the Dade Correctional Institution. He was serving a 2-year sentence for a victimless crime; possession of cocaine. At the time of his death, he had only one month to go before his release. Please read article before posting.

      • Afshin Nejat

        I did read it, but skipped that entire paragraph by mistake. Thanks for sharing the information, and your ASS.

        • Padraigin

          Your ASS was handed to you by Ed, but without the skin burned off. Be grateful, I suggest, Afshin.

          • Robert Graf

            Looks more like a 3 way tie to me. It was a seriously lame response

          • Afshin Nejat

            Shove it up yours, I suggest.

    • wiseoldsnail

      exactly how would the information you seek matter at all? you seem to be suggesting that someone should be killed this way

  • Ed Ward, MD

    Murderous Nazis R US with complete fascist elite immunity, including their gestapo. Praise the Holy Chosen and their torturing murderous gods.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Another moron posting who knows nothing. Talk about Stalin. Talk about Mao. Stop talking about National Socialism and Fascism as if they are the culprits of the horrors you are witnessing daily on your boob tube. Fascism is a system of governance which DEMANDS that all economic activity in a country is strictly regulated and can ONLY continue if it benefits the country and her people. In a fascist country, MONSANTO could not operate. As for National Socialism, the economic miracles that resulted under the wise guidance of brilliant German minds, turned a broken country into a dynamic powerhouse in only TWO AND A HALF YEARS! Demon ocracy (sic) has broken the world’s back.

      • So CAL Snowman

        All hail the great tomato bubble and Mike King. The truth always wins out in the end.

      • Bob_OR

        Fascism was coined by Mussolini. He defined it as Corporate socialism.

      • Ed Ward, MD

        Fascism is a centuries old plot. Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum

    • Erik Longworth

      STOP parroting the BS about National Socialism…you should be making the comparison to STALIN and any other Communist mass murdering monster !

  • duffer

    homicide…plain and simple. All officers on duty in that cell block should be fired and indicted immediately.

    • imspartacus

      Unfortunately, nothing will happen to those officers because the system protects its own. And the system is rotten to the core.

  • willyuo

    Hitler would have been proud of these animals.
    There is no difference!

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      You are a totally ill informed moron to suggest that the great leader, Adolf Hitler, one of the finest men ever to have led a country, would be happy with those guards for doing what they did to Darren Rainey. I am so sick and tired of idiots who know nothing about history and truth continue to post, showing the world what total ignoramuses they are, still stuck in the old bullshit about WWII. Wake up your mind, willyou and start reading real history and not letting jews tell you what is and what is not. They are masters of the lie and behind easily 90 % of the shit.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Not Hitler; but, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao would be mighty proud of these animals. Apparently, the FL Dept. of Corrections is.

      Tortures of this nature and other such sadistic acts were commonplace in Bolshevik USSR, Mao’s China; and, continue in Kim-Jong-Un’s North Korea.

    • Erik Longworth

      Adolf Hitler loved his people and was a man of peace,…do your homework and learn the TRUTH about this great man !

  • Defiant

    “…He was serving a 2-year sentence for a victimless crime; possession of cocaine.”
    I don’t think he deserved that particular death…but ask the folks on the border if cocaine is a victimless crime…

    • Robert Graf

      Cocaine is not a crime. It is a chemical substance. Possession may be considered a crime, but there is nothing that you can possess that causes any harm, hence possession is a victimless crime, in and of itself.

    • wiseoldsnail

      the cia is the biggest dealer of cocaine in the world

    • Forbidden Fruit

      And if drugs were legal, the cartels/gangsters/Mafia/dealers would be out of business tomorrow. The violence stems from the laws, not the substance.

  • chiliboots

    It’s called Murder.

    • Robert Graf

      Only if you have a conscience.

      • wiseoldsnail

        it’s called murder, whether one has a conscience or not

        • Robert Graf

          Really? Are the perpetrators calling it murder? How about their lawyers? If there lawyers aren’t entering guilty pleas, how are they calling it murder?

          • Muhammad Abbass

            “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”

            They can call it “Tickly Water Fun” or beetroot, but it’s still murder. They say that history is written by the winners but everything is subject to revision.

          • Robert Graf

            I never made any statement to the contrary. You have either misread my post, replied to the wrong person or this is a straw man.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            “Really? Are the perpetrators calling it murder? How about their lawyers?”

            Don’t play semantics with me you halfwit. I see what you did there. Why would anybody be so stupid as to deny they said something whilst their own words stand testimony against their denials? I don’t care whether or not the criminals and their backers call it murder, as you say lacking a conscience means they probably don’t, but it is still called murder.

          • Robert Graf

            Semantics? You don’t even know what it means. It’s not a matter of what the definition is. You said it was called that. That depends on who you ask. You should never express yourself more clearly than you are capable of thinking. You haveenough difficulty with reading comprehension as it is.

          • wiseoldsnail

            were you born an ass, or did you go to special asschool?

          • Robert Graf

            Why? Aren’t enough of one already? I find it difficult to believe anyone would doubt your qualifications.

          • wiseoldsnail

            robert graf : paid shill of the police state

          • Robert Graf

            Says the sockpuppet.

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker

    Welcome to the Talmudic Jewnited States. I once thought this sort of thing only went on in very retarded, 5th world countries. Given that this sort of thing happens ever more often in that beknighted country, shows that what was once a country to look up to has become a rogue nation of terrorists.

    • Amaroq

      What the hell do Jews have to do with it? It takes someone equally as fucked up as the guard in this story to blame Jewish people for a shower being used to kill people.

  • Viagravated

    Don’t wait around on the system any longer, you will need to obtain justice on your own.

  • crackerman

    Sounds like a cheap viable replacement to lethal injection, I LIKE IT!

  • Charles Vella

    Prisons have been notoriously cruel places for thousands of years. The rationalization is that sophomoric catchphrase “Don’t do the crime if you can’t serve the time.” Just because something rhymes does not make it a valid argument. Jails and prisons should be places where people with problems are taught how to stay out of trouble. Instead, their private nature allows for almost any type of torture. This will never change until the world is run by intelligent people instead of the wealthy. Let’s get working on the soon.

  • Enzo

    Welcome to Obama’s America!

  • ddearborn


    By definition this act was torture under both US and international law. Further this was a conspiracy to commit torture and murder. This was clearly a terrorist cell operating inside the prison system. And everyone both inside and outside the prison system that had knowledge of this before its release to outside authorities was aiding and abetting terrorists. Under existing US law and guide lines set forth and currently in use by the Obama administration every single one of the above named individuals should have been secretly taken away, tortured to find out everything possible and then executed. After all this is precisely what Obama and Bush before him has been doing to other so called American “terrorists” for over a decade.

    But of course this would never happen because the US government not only condones terrorism and torture it actively supports it. Just as long as the terrorists and the torture are serving a useful and approved government purpose. So the anti terror laws in America are NOT being used to protect Americans just the American government.

  • Beth Bollig

    Oh my Jesus in Heaven. I pray he passed out long before that hour and a half was over and his heart stopped and he didn’t feel that torture. Tears are streaming down my face for the suffering of this poor, defenseless man. What kind of monsters are those guards?!!!

    And then to cover it up and refuse to do an autopsy! Did they ever release the body to a funeral home? Couldn’t the family then request an autopsy before burial?

    I hope the POS that put him in there, every one that knew it was happening, and those that covered it up when they could have turned in statements to any number of news stations or higher ups anonymously and didn’t….I pray that each and every one of them dies a long, horrible and uncontrollably painful death and they remain of sound mind and can feel the level of fear that old man felt. And finally they suffer for eternity in the pits of hell with evil beings just like them.

  • Forbidden Fruit

    Of course the thin blue line protects prison guards as well. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a non-violent black man burned to death in an American prison. Prisoners are the new slaves, except they don’t even count as 3/5ths of a person.

    I sincerely hope the responsible parties suffer the same fate. A badge shouldn’t confer immunity from the law. If you kill, you should die. The end.